Catholic schools week is coming up. Please join us for opening mass @ 10:15 am on January 29, 2017. We are having an open house to see OLPH school after mass.


                                    January News For PRE-K 4 Class

We are beginning to learn a list of sight words. I will be putting three sight words in an envelope each Monday. Please review the three sight words with your child every night. This will help them be prepared for kindergarten. The goals for this week January 16, 2017 are the letter R, its sounds and learning how to write the uppercase and lower case letter R. We are learning a song for Chinese New Year and have made a beautiful Chinese fan to showcase at our  Chinese New Year assembly.


Since September, we have covered the alphabet letters A through R. The class has learned how to count from 1 through 50,  the days of the week, their colors, the different shapes , how to tell the weather and the months of the year. They have learned to identify their names, write their and write numbers 1 through 10.


I am so proud to announce we won the best decorated Christmas tree concert. We received a pizza party for it. Thank you Mrs. Tyndall !!!

Pre-K 4 did a fabulous job at the Christmas concert singing their song Santa Claus is coming to town !!!





Supply List

                   School bag large enough to fit a standard size folder. ( Please put the child's name on it 

        Change of clothes in a ziplock bag ( Please put the child's name on it )          

2 standard size folders

               1 package of construction paper 

     1 box of regular size crayons ( 8 count) 

   1 box of washable markers ( 8 count )

1 bottle of Elmers glue

2 glue sticks 

1 box of #2 pencils 

1 package of play dough 

1 children's scissor

2 trays of waterpaints

2 bottles of hand soap 

1 package of brown lunch bags 

2 paper towel rolls

2 boxes of tissues 

2 containers of Clorox bleach wipes

2 packages of baby wipes

Lunch box ( Please label with the child's name)

Please arrive on time at 8:00 and dismissal will be from the classroom at 2:45. Please send in a healthy snack and a drink, and an extra drink with your lunch.  Clearly mark your child's snack, sweat shirts or sweaters with your child's name to avoid any missing items.

Class Specials:  Monday- computer

                           Tuesday- art

                           Thursday- music

                           Friday - gym - Children should come to school with their gym uniform and sneakers.

Please check your child's folder every night for important notices and for your child's work to be kept at home.

 Homework will be given every night except Friday, please check your child's folder.