Thursday 2/2
7th Math: Complete Proportions and Similarity worksheet
6th ELA: Read "Declaration of the Rights of the Child" on page 43 in your My Perspectives book and answer the Comprehension Check questions.

Thursday 1/26
6th Math: Complete p. 231 #15-26

Friday 1/13
ELA: Define and find two(2) synonyms and antonyms the following words: apparel, beseige, compress, denounce, dispatch, douse, expressly, famished, forsake, gainful, immense, inept, ingenious, instantaneous, irk, libel, misgiving, oaf, recede, and repast. Continue preparing for the Oratorical Contest.

Religion: Continue working on religion project.


Christmas Break
For those still looking for appropriate speeches to recite in the Oratorical Contest, remember that speeches MUST be: a MINIMUM of 500 words (Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and Sojourner Truth's Ain't I a Woman were popular choices in the past but are too short), a PUBLICLY-given address (NOT a monologue from a film, play, or book), FREE of an profanity or content deemed objectionable for a Catholic audience.
Examples can be found at the following web addresses:                                  
(238 speeches are listed for the above web address. If you are interested in any of them, type the name of the speech in to your search engine. This site only describes each speech. It does not offer a transcript for it.)
There are 100s of usuable speeches on these sites. Whichever you choose to use, please confirm that it meets the MINIMUM requirements as listed above.

Week of 12/5-12/9
6th Math: p. 163 #1-15 odd.
7th Math: Answer the following questions: 6/.3; 8/.2; 7.488/1.3; 1.925/7.7; .2160/.74; .6867/.63; 78/.6 
8th Math: p. 139 # 1-12


Week of 11/28-12/2

Homeroom: I will be sending out an OptionC alert this weekend to let you know the appointment times to meet with me regarding report cards. 
Religion: p. 73
6th Math: p. 158 # 35-38
7th Math: p. 81 # 1-9
8th Math: p. 139 # 1-12

ELA: Continue working on finding the themes of the myths discussed in class.
Religion: answer question on pg. 73.


ELA: Define vocabulary terms. Book reports are due on Wednesday.
Religion: Finish Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 chapters tests by Wednesday.
6th Math: p. 137 #4-13
7th Math: Write as an equivalent decimal: 45/100, 3/100, 25/8, 11/3, -68/10000, -9/100, -1/9, -7/11, -2 17/18,      32 14/16
8th Math: Evaluate each polynomial: -x^5-x^3-11x+2 when x = 0.3 and -0.2; 2z^3+4z^2-z+2 when z = 2 and 5

: Finish final draft of Prometheus essay
6th Math: Define vocabulary terms
7th Math: Solve the following inequalities using multiplication: 7<n/2, x/-4<3, p/15>0, h/-11<-2, -2>b/<3, -11>s/-13, m/10<5



Week of 11/14-11/17

''ELA: Begin brainstorming ideas for mini-essay on theme and elements of mythology in the myth of Prometheus.
Religion: Continue drafting your essay on how people today are not united and how we can reunite.
6th Math:
8th Math: Study for quiz tomorrow on two step inequalities. Prepare for test Monday on inequalities.


ELA: Read Chapter 18 of The Lightning Thief and record details of elements of mythology and put evidence flags on them.

ELA: Read Chapter 17 of The Lightning Thief and record evidence of how Percy Jackson is a hero.
Religion: Work on the first draft of your essay answering the question of how people are no longer united and how we can be reunited.

 ELA: Answer the following questions in your notebook. Use pages 155-156 of the Lightning Thief to find the answers.                             
"What does innocent mean in this context?" "Are there any other meanings of innocent?" "The text says, 'Prometheus was branded a radical thinker.' "Was he literally branded--did he have the words 'literal thinker' branded onto his skin?
Religion: Answer the following questions in your notebook. "What does the story of the Tower of Babel symbolize?" "What does the tower in the story symbolizes?" "What do you think the expression means: 'they don't speak the same language?"
6th Math: On pages 128 & 129, define the vocabulary and solve numbers 1,3,5,7,11,17
7th Math: Compare the following numbers: .027&.039; .984&.999; 9.33...&9.3; 1/4&.250; 2.3&1/3


Week of 9/12-9/16
Thursday 9/15
6th ELA: Answer the following questions based on the quotes that follow.
"What do you notice and wonder about the character?" "Why do you think the narrator uses this word?" "How does this make you curious about the main character?"

"If you are a normal kid, reading this because you think it's fiction. Read on."
"Am I a troubled kid? You could say that."
"But Mr. Brunner, our Latin teacher, was leading trip, so I had hopes."
"I hoped the trip would be okay. At least, I hoped that for once I wouldn't get in trouble."
"Grover tried to calm me down. 'It's okay. I like peanut butter.' He dodged another piece of Nancy's lunch. 'That's it.' I started to get up, but Grover pulled me back to my seat."
8th Math: Write the following in scientific notation -  22,000, 0.000453, 34120000, 0.00004523, 14050000, 0.453l
7th Math: Answer the following in your notebook - Solve 56/8, 27/3, 20/0, 40/(-2), -36/|-12|;
                 Name the Property 0x-7=0, (8x5)-(8X3)=8(5-3)

Tuesday 9/13
6th ELA: Draw image of your understanding of the story of Perseus. Refer to the story when needed. 
6th Rel: What is the special term we use to talk about God revealing Himself to us? How has God revealed himself to us?

6th Grade Homeroom: 

Please obtain a copy of The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (cost $6.38 on Amazon) and bring to class the first week of class. If you would also like to get Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis ($6.77 on Amazon), Dragonwings by Laurence Yep ($6.99 on Amazon), and Frightful Mountain by Jean Craighead George ($6.07 on Amazon), we will be getting into those stories throughout the year.