HW: 1/4

8th grade: Rel: pg 64-65 do activity on page 64-65 and justice for all on pg 64

7th grade: SS WB pg 15  

6th grade:what kind of tactics would you use to defeat the Persians 


HW/ 1/3

6th grade: Ss: WB pg 26-27 all question especially all blue shaded area


HW/ 12/5

8th grade: SS: Write 2letters one who benefited from the reform and the other who didn't agree with the reform.


7th grade: Find 5 event that Julius Caesar was successful in and 5 event that he didn't achieved and why. 

6th grade:Hold did the Persian promote trade?




HW 12/1

8th grade: ELA Study for quiz tomorrow  SS: Keyterms study 

Quiz need to be sign and journal 

7th grade: SS: Study for quiz on Monday ? Keyterms 

6th grade: SS: Study for quiz on monday Key terms pg 48



HW 11/30

8th grade: Religion : Answer question that was given in class                                              

7th grade: Do critical thinking on page 24 and answer question  that was given                                          

6th grade:WB pg 24 all question and do the shaded blue area on page 24

Hw 11/29   

8th grade: ELA: Read Chap 7,8 and 9 with FD write a 2 pages summary.                                              

7th grade: SS: WB pg 14            


6th grade: SS: Answer question 5-8 on your Gods and Goddesses 



8th grade: SS: look up key term define and sentences pigs 638 and do taking notes in TB

Ela: The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe Glossary Worksheet

 7th grade: SS: WB page 12 &13 all question and check point on page 12

6th grade: SS: Look-up the Gods and Goddesses that was given to you and answer the 4 question that was given in class.


Ela: Read chapter 4-6 on Fredrick Douglass  Quiz next Friday

Ela: TB pg 14 Do 1.2-1.4  and pg 16 ex1 do 1-10

7th grade: SS: TB pg 19 ex 1 #1-3

6th grade: SS: Answer question of Hammurabi Code: will discuss in class.

HW 11/3

8th grade: quiz 

7th grade: look up what goods are traded in US and other county

6th grade: WB pg 23



*NOTE : 8th grade please remember to get the book No FearShakespeare McBeth and House on Mango Street for Book Report and The time of the butterfly

HW 11/2

8th grade: Religion read page 40-49 do page 49 

     Read Fedrick Douglas - Quiz on Friday 

  7th Grade: WB Pg 10

  6th Grade: WB pg 22





HW 10/27

8th grade: ELA: Fedrick Douglas Quiz, ELA TB: Pg 12 Ex 1 SS: WB pg 110

7th grade:  Study for Quiz

6th grade:   Study for Quiz



8th Grade HW

10/26 Religion read pg 34-35 

Do activity pg 34 and 35 

10/26 Practice Vet Poem 

* Please order House on Mango street for bookReport and No fear Shakespeare Macbeth for class


Reconstruction/ Civil War Group Project Presentation  Due: 9/30 

Ela test on 9/28

SS Test: on 9/29


7th Grade HW

10/26 In what culture areas was hunting the  main way of life 

Civilization Art Project Presentation Due/9/30

SS. Test On 9/29


6th Grade HW

10/26 Read and do pg 16-18 on WB

Timeline Project Presentation Due 9/30

SS. Test On 9/29


       Welcome to 8th grade!  I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child and working together to help your child succeed!  As parents and guardians, I understand that you are the most important teachers in your child’s life and it is with that understanding that I appreciate the role that you and I each play in the partnership to your child achieving the goals set forth for him or her.   I would like to take this opportunity to give you a brief overview of myself.  I earned my BS in Childhood Education from Suny College of Old Westbury and I am pursuing my Masters in Special Education from Molloy College.  I have been teaching for over 10 years. I am also an ABA therapist working with children with autism and other disability.

       I will be teaching your child English, religion, and social studies.  I have very high expectations of myself as a teacher as well of for my students. I have always found that to be a formula for success!  I want this to be an enjoyable, challenging, productive, and encouraging year for all of my students.

       My main objective in writing this letter is to get to know my students.  If you could please take a moment and write me a letter about your child that would be immensely helpful since making your child feel comfortable in our classroom is a major part of his or her success as a student, as well as mine as a teacher.  I thank you in advance for taking the time to write to me.  In addition, if you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Communication is a huge part of your child’s success.  If you have any questions/concerns, would like to schedule a conference or volunteer to help out, you can contact me at the school (718) 439-8067 or email me at jgesualdo@olphcab.org. 


Reconstruction  Project   Due:9/30/2016

You will create a Reconstruction Era  PowerPoint.  Select on of the five perspectives of the reconstruction era and create a poster that accurately depicts that viewpoint: Southerner (Confederate), Former Slave, Northerner (Union), Carpetbagger, or Scalawag.

Your power point  should show your understanding of the following: Goals of Reconstruction, Development of Sharecropping, Black Codes, 13th , 14th, and 15th Amendments, Economics of your part of the country after the war.

Be creative!

The power point should cover the entire paper.  The attached questions will be answered within your presentation .  The title of your power Point  should be relevant and easily detected. 



1.        Research your topic and answer all research questions.

 Effective posters include the following elements

• Focus—the topic is clear when you first look at it.

• Main ideas—the main ideas are appropriate to the topic and presented correctly.

• Supporting Details—appropriate and accurate details support each main idea.

• Purpose—the purpose of the power point is clearly accomplished.

• Drawings and illustrations—all illustrations, photographs, graphics, and drawings add to

the purpose and interest of the power point, and can be viewed and identified from six feet


• Labels—all items of importance on the poster are clearly labeled with labels that can be

read from at least three feet away.



Reconstruction Power point

Group I.  : Reconstruction Plans

  1. Define Reconstruction.
  2. Dates of Reconstruction
  3. Lincoln’s Plan for Reconstruction
  4. Andrew Johnson’s Plan for Reconstruction
  5. Radical Republican’s Plan for Reconstruction
  6. Compare and contrast each plan.

Group II: Freedman’s Bureau

  1. Define Freedman’s Bureau
  2. Explain the Plans & dreams of the Freedman’s Bureau.
  3. Explain the funding of the Freedman’s Bureau.
  4. Describe the successful programs of this organization.
  5. List the number of people helped by this organization.
  6. How long did the organization work?
  7. How did it end?

Group III : Republicans

  1. Define Carpet Baggers.
  2. How many carpet baggers were there in the South during Reconstruction?
  3. What was the profession and reputation of the carpet baggers?
  4. Define Scalawag.
  5. Describe their role during the Reconstruction Era.
  6. Describe the role of African American’s in power.
  7. What positions did they hold?
  8. How many African American politicans were there in the South during Reconstruction?
  9. How successful were they in promoting their programs?

Group IV:  Success and Failure of Reconstruction

  1. The Successes:
    1. 13th Amendment
    2. 14th Amendment
    3. 15th Amendment


  1. Political Advances
  2. Economic Changes
  3. Failure of Reconstruction :
    1. Economic failure in the South
    2. Terror Groups : KKK , other hate groups
    3. Lynchings
    4. Jim Crow Laws
    5. Grandfather Clause




Supply List for Incoming 8th Grade Students



1.     8 large marble note-books

2.     6 double pocket folders

3.     5 book covers/book socks

4.     2 boxes of tissue

5.     2 packs of loose -leaf paper

6.     1 box of crayons

7.     1 glue stick

8.     1 pack of construction paper

9.     Pack of erasers

10.1 pack of pencils

11.1 Purell hand sanitizer

12.1 roll paper towel

13.1 Ruler



Summer Work for Incoming 8th Grade Students.

Mrs. Tyndall

Please purchase Barons Coop/HSPT/TACHS - 3rd Edition Book and complete the following work.

1.     Practice Exam 1 in Reading. Entire work – 20 questions

2.     Language – Part 1- entire work – 40 questions