OLPH is collecting Artwork for the February 2nd Art Show! Grades K - 8

Greetings Students and Family,

Welcome to Art Class! My name is Ms. Fracchia and I will be your students' Art teacher for the year 2016-2017.  I am excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and I am looking forward to a happy and productive school year. My goal for this art class is to encourage individual creative expression while learning about different artists and artistic media by examining the different elements of art (line, shape, texture, color, form, value, space) through a historical context. Every student is expected to do his/her best and put forth time and effort into art projects.

Art Materials:

For art class, students are expected to bring with them:

  • A #2 pencil, rubber eraser, 2 glue sticks, 1 glue bottle, scissors, an old tee shirt or apron and (optional) colored pencils/crayons

  • All students in Junior High (Grades 6-8) will be required to have 1 blank 9”x12” sketchbook or sketchpad for the school year to complete homework assignments.

Homework Policy:

AllJunior High (Grades 6, 7, &8) students will be assigned TWO homework assignments for the 2016 -2017 school year that are due once a month on the due date listed on the homework handout (also available online)  Homework assignments are 25% of the student’s grade and are expected to show that the student has put in noticeable time and effort into each assignment.  Homework assignments are worth 5 pts each, should take a minimum of 30 minutes to complete, and must show creativity, thoughtfulness, planning, and attention to detail.

All students in 6-8th grade are required to have a sketchbook for art class. Sketchbooks must be at least 8 inches x 11 inches but can be larger. Homework assignments only be accepted if they are in the sketchbook. Homework that is late will be given half credit. If there is a cancellation of class or a student absence, students are expected to bring in the assignment the following class to obtain full credit.


Homework Worksheets available in Google Doc format


1st Trimester Homework due on September 26, October 24, November 28

2nd Trimester Homework due on December 19, January 23, February 27

3rd Trimester Homework due on March 27, April 24, May 22



My Grading Policy:


Grades will be based on four areas each worth 25 points, for a total of 100 points.

1.   Homework – 25 points

2.   Class projects – 25 points

3.   Behavior and effort in class - 25 points

4.   Knowledge and participation – 25 points

You may track your student's grade at any time using Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy of Brooklyn Option C website at http://www.optionc.com

My Classroom Guidelines and Consequences:

These guidelines have been designed around the goal of creating a comfortable and respectable learning environment for all students in the classroom.

  • Students are expected to enter class on time each day and be ready to work.

  • There is no eating, or drinking in the classroom.

  • Students should wait for my instructions before starting their lesson.

  • Do not touch another student’s artwork or art materials without first asking permission.  If you are helping another student, guide them by using your words.

  • Students are expected to treat art materials with respect and only as instructed by the teacher.

  • Students are expected to remain in their seat and on task during class.

  • Students in need of help can raise their hands and I will assist them.

  • To prepare for dismissal from class, students should put away his or her own artwork and straighten their work area.

  • Students choosing not to remain on task will  receive the following consequences: a 10 minute timeout and loss of class effort points.

  • Serious infractions will result in detention

Art Show


We are planning to have a Spring Art Show this year. Students may submit artwork from class or outside of class to be displayed in the show in April. More information to come.

Art Club


Art club is open to all students in good standing (B and higher) in Junior High who are interested in developing their artistic skills and working in multiple mediums.



Supply List


It would be a huge help for next school year if the following grades could bring in the specified materials to supply the art classroom.  


8th Grade: Paper towel roll and clorox/lysol wipes

7th Grade: Baby Wipes

6th Grade: Tissues

5th Grade: Hand sanitizer

4th Grade: Paper towel roll and clorox/lysol wipes

3rd Grade: Baby wipes

2nd Grade: Tissues

1st Grade: Hand sanitizer

K: Paper towel roll and clorox/lysol wipes

Pre K: Baby wipes