Please continue to pray for PEACE throughout the world.  Pray for our leaders as we move closer to the inauguration of the President - Elect in January.

Remember to pray for peace.heart




 Supply List for Second Grade for School year 2017-2018

4 class marble notebooks 50 or 100 page

4-- two pocket folders

1 zippered pencil case

supply of #2 wooden pencils ( not mechanical lead)

1--pair of safety scissors

2 glue sticks

2 boxes of 16 crayons

1 pack of looseleaf

1 pack of copy paper

1 pack of index cards

 2 packs of any color dry erase markers, not magic markers

At home a children's dictionary for use at home, books to read, library card math mact flash cards.

Please do not purchase binders or hard plastic pencil cases They do not fit in the seat sacks

Please do not buy pack packs that are heavy 

Please fikkiw schol regulations when purchasing uniforms and sneakers for school

A planner will be purchased through the school and amount due is to be paid in September.

In addidtion we will have a subscrition to Scholastic Magazine for $6.00 will will be payable in September.

     Enjoy the Summer!!!!