Tarea #7 (NOT FOR 3RD GRADE)

Here is a list of common words. Give the plural form of

these items using the correct form of the.

1.La foto(the picture)__________.
2.El diccionario(the dictionary)__________.
3.El libro(the book)__________.
4.La pluma(the pen)__________.
5.La camiseta(the t- shirt)__________.
6.El plato(the plate)__________.
7.La hamburguesa(the hamburger)__________.
8.La bicicleta(the bicycle)__________.
9.La medicina(the medicine)__________.
10.La flor(the flower)__________.


Tarea #6

Write the following dates in English.

1.Hoy es jueves el 2 de diciembre del 2007
2.Ayer fue lunes el 7 de agosto del 2003
3.Mañana es viernes el 20 de febrero del 2000
4.Hoy es miercoles el 5 de mayo
5.Ayer fue domingo el 19 de junio
6.Mañana es sabado el 23 de septiembre


Tarea (homework) #5

Fill in the correct weather description for each situation.


A windy day in Chicago.

       Hace viento en Chicago.

1.A sunny day in San Diego
2.A hot afternoon in Phoenix
3.A rainy morning in Seattle
4.A snowy day in Aspen
5.A cloudy day in Milwaukee
6.A cold morning in Minneapolis
7.A chilly day in New York City


Tarea (homework) #4

Math expressions worksheet- write out the math expressions in Spanish. 


Tarea (homework) #3

What numbers come to mind when you think of the following things? Write the number out in Spanish. Make up your own for the last question.

Your fingers
A tricycle
A pack of soda cans
An octopus
A rectangle
A week
?? (Your choice)



Tarea (homework) #2

For 3rd grade- Math expressions worksheet

For all grades- Math expressions crossword puzzle




I am Miss Valdez and I am the new Spanish teacher at OLPH. I'm thrilled to be here teaching Spanish to third grade through eighth grade. This is my second year teaching Spanish which to me is very rewarding. My goal is to have students read, write, and speak basic Spanish by the end of the school year. My lessons are mainly all on Powerpoint with interactive hands on games, crafts, writing and speaking. Homework will be given every week and I can't stress enough the importance of getting homework done on time. Homework is a big part of the Spanish grade along with tests, classwork, participation and projects. For my class the students will need a notebook and a folder. Occasionally I may ask them to bring down their art supplies.

I look foward to meeting you all. Remember as teachers, as parents and as students we are all a team and working together for our benefit is key. Let's work together as a team to have a fabulous and successful year! 

To my students:

I believe in you. I believe that you will do great this year if you put a lot of work and effort into all you do. Believe in yourself the way I believe in you. 

Best reagards, 

Miss Valdez