I hope you had a great summer.

Welcome to Physical Education class! I look foward to introducing several different sports throughout the year. I am looking forward to a productive and successful year for all of us.

Classroom Rules

Entire the gym quietly and take your assign spot on the gym floor.

  Follow directions.

  When whistle is blown you stop where you are and listen for instructions 

  Treat each other with respect.

  Show good sportsmanship.

  Be prepared to participate in physical education wear PE uniform and sneakers.

  Please no jewerly on PE day.

  If not able to participate in physical education you need note from parent.


Grading Policy

Class Participation 60%

  Behavior 40%

  Student unprerpared three times fail PE for the marking period.



  Be active and eat healthy.



 September  Fitness/Movement/Relay Races

 October     Volleyball

 November    Football

 December   Soccer

 January       Basketball

 February      Kickball

 March          Frisbee

 April            Wiffleball

 May            Noodle Hockey

 June           Dodgeball